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Discovering Svarupa - your own true form

Experiencing Svarupa, the Sanskrit word which can be defined as “one’s own true form”, “the transcendental form”, “the real identity”, is at core of this three day all inclusive retreat.

Through yoga practice, ritual and contemplation in beautiful nature, nurturing expressive arts experiences and heart connecting group exercises, you will be guided to experiencing your true form, as you nourish your essential nature and reconnect with the true shape of your…


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Karma, Samskara, Potholes and the Splits

Yoga and several other eastern philosophies are built around the concept of the wheel of karma and samskara.

Karma is action.  Samskara is the imprint of the action: the unresolvedness of the action.


POTHOLES, a metaphor

Where I grew up there were still a few dirt roads left.  I'd often see in these dirt roads these strings of potholes, decreasing in size.  As I looked at them I deduced which was the initial pothole, the first and largest - it's cause unknown,…


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yoga & emotions

Leaving class the other day I overheard something both beautiful and curious. A student who was leaving the class I just taught said to someone who hadn't, something like "I want to go home and have a good cry."  The other person (I'll call them "Chris") said "I know, I always feel like that after his class, that's why i stopped going."


I posted this as my FB status and got a lot of interesting responses, which has had me sit down and think about it.  These are my thoughts,…


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What is Spirituality?

I've been meeting with a group called the Center for World Spirituality.  
What's exciting to me about them is that they seem to be creating a place for Spirituality to blossom independent of religion. For people to foster their connection to spirit rather than their connection to a place or system of worship.
Which has me question what spirit actually is.  So I call on some powerful teachings...
Yoga is not a religion, a belief…

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Yoga and the Art of the Nearly Impossible

I sometimes think of yoga as the practice of exploring the nearly impossible.  

All these crazy postures: they seem impossible, but someone has achieved them, so that means they actually ARE possible.   One of my first big conceptual breakthroughs in my yoga practice was replacing "can't" with "haven't" when referring to my abilities both on and off the mat.  "Can't" means to me that it is outside of my abilities, now and forevermore.  "Haven't" implies that it just hasn't happened… Continue

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Identity Yoga

"Passionate self-study through surrender to your Powerful Self is the activity of yoga"
- Patanjali, Yoga Sutra II-1…

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The Whole You

I'll hold up a mirror

Some things you'll like

Some things you won't

It's all you

as you are

right now.

You weren't always this way

You won't always be this way.

This is how you are

Right now.

I want you

to notice all the places

you turn away from,

and to love all the places

you've come to hate.

I want you

to connect to…

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I Don't Want to Feel This Any More!

MY garage is full of things that either don't belong in the main space of the house, or that I don't use very often: Clothes that are too big for my kids, camping equipment, an old stereo I'm keeping for backup, out of season clothes, [kids clothyou get the idea. Sometimes when I go to put things there the shelves are full, but I don't have time to rearrange things, and I put things on the floor until I have a chance to clean the garage.

Every so often I go down there and spend a day… Continue

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Fear of Safety and Bliss

I took a training this past weekend for workshop leaders to improve the workshops and retreats I'm leading, and during the intensive weekend, when we were talking about marketing, he asked what people get from my workshop, and I shared in front of the group that it was about intimacy, and he said vehemently that NOBODY WANTS THAT.

I couldn't believe my ears. Doesn't everyone want intimacy? Yes, of course they do, on the inside, but most people associate intimacy and vulnerability… Continue

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Our inner light

"When the part of the globe revolving on is axis, turns away from the sun, there is darkness. This is the greatest message which most of these oriental divinities have given us. Krishna, Buddha, the wonderful Vedic sages have all proclaimed one Truth, that there is no such thing as 'eternal damnation'. I am in darkness, not because the sun has set, not because the light has gone, but because I have turned away. This inner light is there, it has always been there, it will never never disappear.… Continue

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Deep Sea Diver

When diving, divers repeatedly go down until the pressure gets too high, then come up a bit where there is less, and equalize pressure before going deeper.

When exploring postures, most people experience an edge, and make the somewhat logical conclusion that they have come to the limit of their abilities, and stop there. Whether that limit is strength, endurance, flexibility, whatever.

I practice honoring the occurance of limitation without identifying with it, which would… Continue

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Perfect vs. Ideal

How many of you know someone who accepts themselves just as they are?

How many of you know people who are far too critical of themselves?

When I ask this first question in class, very few people raise their hands. Some think of their pets. Some have a friend or mentor. What is it we are waiting for?

If we held ourselves as perfect, I'm sure we'd have no problem accepting ourselves. So what is between us and perfection? What does perfect mean to you? What do you have… Continue

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When will I not be hurt at all?

I read the following in Swami Venkatesananda's "Insights and Reflections" and it has had such a profound effect on me and the way I deal with situations that "trigger" me:

"When will I not be hurt at all? When I realize that what is hurt is only the ego, my own self image, a shadow which is the product of my own ignorance. This is the fool that is hurt. Yet if I am a real seeker, endeavoring to dispel this shadow of the ego, I should mentally thank that person who pointed out the… Continue

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Soulstice (a poem)

dig deep
in these darkest days
deep into your shadow

search your soul
feel your fullness
plant your seeds firmly in all that is dirty

choose your seeds wisely
as they will take root
and sprout, and fruit

fear not, oh sensitive love -
one with the rhythms of the universe
soon the light will return

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Embracing What Is

As we enter this dynamic time in our country - fiscal markets shaky, transition in leadership, and gloomy predictions filling the airwaves - notice all the questions that brings up for you about your future, your security, your life.

Change can be scary enough on its own without those predictions - look at people moving into new jobs, new relationships, new postures. There's a way in which it often seems more comfortable in some ways to leave things in their current state of relative… Continue

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Vulnerability = Strength

When you read that vulnerability = strength, what was your first reaction?

To some of you, it may seem an Orwellian (war=peace) stretch, to others it may be the most natural thing in the world.

I keep hearing people mistake vulnerability for weakness, and I'd like to offer a different perspective, as i think that is one of the most destructive myths of our time.

Vulnerability simply means undefended. It means you have your guard down. It is the space in which we… Continue

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Yogier Than Thou

Every once in a while I hear a mention about one form of yoga's superiority over another's, even hearing claims that form is really yoga while the other is not.

I'd like to make something clear: YOGA IS NOT IN THE FORM. Yoga means union, oneness, wholeness. The yoga practices, which include Hatha (physical), Bhakti (devotional), Karma (service), and Jnana (studying) are intended to help us reconnect to our innate wholeness. Whichever practice most frequently leaves you with that… Continue

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Yoga of Prosperity

What does yoga have to do with prosperity?

It comes down to the distinction between abundance and prosperity.

Abundance is what we live in here in Northern California. There is plenty of food, water, and shelter available to us all the time. We are safe and secure and it is all at our fingertips. At pretty much any moment in our lives, we can see that we are okay, at least for that second. And the next, and so on. In our asana practice it is the recognition that we are… Continue

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Gourmet Sensations

Whenever my kids see a new food on their plate, their first reaction tends to be "yuck". It doesn't matter if it's pig slop or a gourmet soufflee. New = unfamilar = yuck. They eventually try it (and they've noticed it helps if they try it with a smile!) and like it, and it's all good, and they'll try it again no problem the next time (sometimes).

This has something to do with how the brain works. One of it's main functions is to protect us, and if something is unfamiliar, it is… Continue

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The Parable of the Bicycle

If you've ever ridden a bicycle, you know that it is part pedaling, part balancing, and part steering.

Visualize the pedaling as a process: you use some of your weight to push down with your right foot, then down with your left, and repeat, in order to move you forward.

What subtly happens is that when you've finished pushing down with our right foot, we tend to leave some of our weight there, still pushing down, which resists the push of the left.

We move much… Continue

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