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Introduction to Interchange Tonight Monday (9/12/2011)

An introduction will be led by Steve Bearman, PhD, the founder and facilitator of Interchange this Monday (September 12th) at 7pm. The evening will be a gathering of people getting to know each other and learning about Interchange. It will also be a chance for us to meet and chat if I haven’t seen you in a while, it'll be awesome :)

September 12th (Monday) 7pm
1808 Addison St. Berkeley, CA 94703 (map)
cell: (415) 515-1252

I took the Interchange program in 2009 - 2010 and it transformed my coaching practice, and I use the tools I learned there every day. On Monday, Steve will be sharing some of what makes Interchange such an amazing program. When I first went to Steve’s introduction in 2009 I was just imagining a networking event, but by the end of the evening I had new counseling tools, new connections, and a renewed passion for what I could offer as a coach. I'm inviting you because I think you'll have fun, network with cool people, and learn some good counseling tools.


Interchange is a community-rich training program for people who want to become masterful counselors and coaches, and for people who want to grow in their own lives. Over 10 intensive weekends you’ll be immersed in one approach to counseling after another, experiencing and practicing each, and finally integrating and transcending them all to find your unique way of being with people. With a tribe of like-minded students (who will become like family) you'll learn how to offer powerful support, healing and transformation to others while being transformed yourself in the process.

Join us for this orientation evening and:
  • Learn what the most fundamental aspect of coaching and counseling is and practice offering (and receiving) it
  • Meet and get to know some amazing people who are interested in growth, love and change
  • Get a taste of what you'll learn at Interchange each weekend 
  • Meet Steve Bearman, PhD, founder of Interchange, and see his counseling in action
  • Come to learn something new and connect with awesome people, but consider yourself warned, you may leave having set in motion the thing that changes everything in your life. 

To find out more about Interchange’s counseling training program and the low-cost workshops it offers to the public (like the upcoming "Ending Jealousy Permanently" day long workshop, please visit the website: or contact Margo in Admissions or (800) 305-6090.

Here’s a video of me sharing some of what I learned at at Interchange:

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