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First, allow the yoga to still the body and the mind, to open you to receiving. Then, be circled, or support another through their Journey. Witness the magic of circling that gives people their spark back. It is like the broom that uncovers the damp, decaying bits that have been preventing the spark from igniting into a fire. Everyone has a spark. Some have lost the flame. Some have flames that have dimmed. Sometimes, the flame need a little extra kindle to be ignited. Sometimes, the embers need to be fanned. Open Here does that. I see it happening in people. I feel it happening in myself. The raw, humanness of it all, when we trust enough to let go of fear. Or at least say YES and play full out... That which emerges is humans finding the full capacity of their humanness. We all need one another to be our true Selves, for I cannot share the same gifts as you, nor can you share my gifts. And we have so much. So much to share that stays buried deep inside. I need you to be You, just as you need me to be Me. Do it for your community, as well as for yourself. Get your spark back and you will see the flame that ignites is more powerful than you could have imagined.

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Comment by Rosy Moon Schlussel on June 22, 2009 at 10:20pm
By the way what he means is YOU'RE so gorgeous;)
And I love what you wrote, it has me breathe deeper and feel an inner smile of joy, that you get it, have participated in it and witnessed what this work makes possible. All that and you articulated this almost intangible experience so beautifully, thank you,


Comment by David Schlussel on June 22, 2009 at 8:51pm
Oh my god that is so gorgeous!


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